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O&G Incident Command System

Vessels are booming in spilled oil

Getting into a dynamic planning process as soon as possible and develop an Incident Action Plan is critical for any Incident Management Team.

However, standard ICS courses focusing on forest fires and domestic incidents are not relevant to the oil and gas industry.

Therefore, by enrolling in online industry specific ICS courses, your staff can attend training sessions when on duty and be better prepared to handle emergency events.   Learn more


Changing from plan A to plan B

External expertise and third party opinions are highly valuable when striving for excellency in crisis response and incident management.

Nevertheless, calling in consulting and training firms can be expensive and is likely to interrupt planned meetings and daily operations.

To avoid this, online coaching and consulting is helping you to complete work and meet deadlines as sessions can be done at your convenience and from any location.   Learn more


O&G Crisis Response System

Crisis Response Team discussing solutions

Being able to respond effectively to crisis events and communicate timely to all stakeholders is essential for any corporate crisis team.

But engaging a crisis management consulting firm can be costly and their response systems complex and time consuming to implement.

The ‘Crisis Response Wheel System’ was invented for oil and gas corporations – it is easy to learn and use and will guide your CMT step-by-step through any crisis event.   Learn more

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Are you duly prepared?

To manage a major offshore incident …..

“Plans are useless but planning is indispensable”, said Dwight D. Eisenhower, although the Supreme Commander didn’t mean that we shouldn’t have plans at all, but merely that they are short lived. After 12-48 hours into an incident, we need to come into a dynamic planning process and develop an Incident Action Plan (IAP).  ICS is facilitating this process.  Learn more

Bjorn About Bjorn

My background, whereabouts and future

I have enjoyed working in operational incident and disaster response for 20 years, but have also witnessed death, tragedies, crisis, and business interruptions on domestic, national and international scale.  From there, I have for the past 10+ years been a crisis and emergency management advisor to the offshore oil, gas, and marine industry worldwide.   Learn more

Have you ever thought about?

What it means that your organization is resilient …..

Due diligence and continued operations have for some time been essentials in a corporate risk approach.  However, the perception of risk management is necessarily not including the interrelated concept of resilience.  Therefore, embedding resilience into your risk framework will not only enable you to bounce back during troubled times, but also learn from it.  Learn more

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John Magne Birkeland – Head of SSEA, Tullow Oil Norway:  Best option for solutions within crisis management and emergency preparedness

“Bjorn was always willing to do that extra bit to get the work done. I have always found him conscientious and a hard worker to complete his job – and to a good standard. He always sought the best option for the solutions within crisis management and emergency preparedness activities”


Dean Monterey – President, Global Incident Command Solutions Inc.:  I wish that I had a book such as this twenty years ago!

What an excellent primer for companies wishing to better understand ICS and how to implement the system. Having worked with many clients around the world, it never ceases to surprise me that many organizations believe it is a simple matter to introduce it. My dear reader, once you have finished this wonderful book that taps into the wealth of experience and insight that Bjorn brings to the subject, I’m sure you will agree this book was long over due!”   Look Up the Book Here


Frank Dunne – Director of Sales and Marketing, Enviromotive Inc.:  When Bjorn’s program would be on, everyone wanted to know what he has experienced

“I had the honor to learn from Bjorn during the May 2008 Sichuan, China Earthquake, where scores of untrained volunteers became a cohesive team under Bjorn’s training. It is challenging to get eager volunteers to stop helping and make time to learn how to do it right, but when Bjorn’s program would be on, everyone wanted to know what he has experienced. His training was invaluable and fit perfectly into the organization’s needs”

Building Resilience Across Your Organization