I have been working in emergency management and response for 30+ years

– and for the past 10+ years I have been a crisis and emergency management advisor to the offshore oil, gas, and marine industry worldwide.  During that time I have always engaged myself in continous learning, which has lead to a number of internationally recognized qualifications and a MSc degree in disaster mitigation.

However, time has though come to the point where I am limiting my work related travels, as that allows me to be at home more frequently and doing all the small things on daily basis that makes a family more happy.  To accomplish that I have now departed on the transition journey of turning my outgoing consulting and training services into online coaching and consulting, as well as offering industry specific e-learning courses.

Therefore, when providing online courses and consulting services I can combine the knowledge and skills gained from my emergency and disaster qualifications and my 25+ years of experience as instructor and training officer with my interest for working with computers and in particular video graphics, and thereby fulfil my desire for helping people on a larger scale.



More about Bjorn

Bjorn does not only talk the talk, but has indeed also walked the walk as an emergency preparedness advisor to the oil and gas industry.  His 20 years of operational experience from the emergency services–combined with 10+ years as a trainer and consultant working for the oil and gas industry across Asia, the Middle East, and the UK–ensure his readers and learners are provided with no-nonsense expert advice.

Bjorn’s broad field of expertise as an advisor to the industry range over the provision of ICS workshops and courses, setting up table-tops and exercises, developing training programs, as well as developing and implementing emergency preparedness projects.  He has provided numerous emergency response and incident command system workshops and courses to his employers and clients, certified 500+ responders and instructors to various ICS levels, written up comprehensive crisis and emergency response plans, and being responsible for large scale implementation projects across the industry.

Bjorn is an ICS Canada certified ICS Train-the-Trainer Instructor, a certified USAF On-scene Commander, certified to NFPA standards as Fire Officer III and Fire Service Instructor III by US DoD/IFSAC, and holds a Master of Science degree in Disaster Mitigation and Reconstruction from the University of Salford, UK.